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TH - Amaka Manaka by SilverRubberDucky TH - Amaka Manaka by SilverRubberDucky
finally got around to making a cutie for this cutie group wowee
i put my nagi no asukara feels in here gomen if they seem apparent
500 goldfish crackers for every reference you can find!!
i hope you like her and i hope we get accepted!!
also kana hanazawa

UPDATE: yEAH I GOT IN!!! feel free to ask for my skype or note me with you want to deal with my little poop here!! :iconblushinplz:


Amaka Manaka (Kanji: 雨歌 愛花)

Mana (She accepts anything anyone places on her// LAUGHS)



21st of July

165 cm/55 kg

First Year



Marine Biology
Rain and Snow
Taking walks
Swimming and Scuba Diving
Fairy tales
Braiding Hair 
❈Her siblings
❈Playing Guitar

Being homesick 
❄Getting airsick 
Playing the harp 
People smacking her back 
❄Extremely loud noises

    Manaka is rather deceiving- comparing her looks to her actual personality, that is. On the outside, Manaka looks like a serious and literary girl who believes herself to be superior to others. This however is a complete lie don't believe it whatsoever ok. Manaka is a girl who believes herself to be strange compared to others, as her main interests include studying about sea life and reading stories about mermaids. She's really passionate about 3 main things: her family, swimming, and anything that has to do with the ocean. While Manaka didn't make friends due to self-feeling as unapproachable, she's rather friendly and sociable. She's a free spirit, all about home life and about her loved ones' and her happiness. She's not really one to get overexcited, Manaka has a rather calm demeanor towards her. Manaka is incredibly kind and enjoys spending time with loved ones. She's perseverant and tough, and has a high physical pain tolerance. 

    While she looks of high demeanor, some aspects of her personality aren't. She thinks of herself as weird due to not sharing common interests with other girls, and thinks of herself as unapproachable due to people thinking of her as some high class ojou-sama. She's actually really insecure of that aspect of herself. While she wants to be noticeable, she doesn't want to seem like she's some high strung person throughout her looks. And with the few friends Manaka has, she feels like a nuisance to them. Developed during her preteen years, Manaka became rather secretive about her interests, due to being shot down by people taking them as a joke or as weird. She turned a bit shy throughout that ordeal, but has since then regained back that Manaka's rather slow minded and lacks common sense. Manaka's rather stubborn, and can be seen as whiny. She isn't much one to cry, she's the girl that gets incredibly angry rather than sad. Also, she's also incredibly clumsy on land, however her true self is wordless when she's in the water. 

    Manaka's always had a sixth sense for the ocean. 

    Born to a Marine Biologist (Miori) and an Oceanographer (Mizuto) next to Japan's coast line, Manaka's a mermaid with a split tail. Her parents' love of the ocean spread easily into young Manaka. As a younger girl, Manaka lived in a small and rainy fishing community where she spent most of her time becoming in touch with marine nature, a habit her parents proudly accepted of their daughter. She learned how to swim and fish at a young age, and loved to watch her parents work. Since their jobs were high demand, the small family didn't get to relish living in their little village for much long. Their home for the next couple of years became an airplane and various hotels as the Amaka parents went around Japan to study and research. Manaka however didn't miss out on her own studying as a private tutor (one of her parents' friends' son) traveled with them for Manaka's beginning years of school. They even goofed off a bit and flew to another few countries to visit some other beaches, such as Cancun and Normandy.

    While the constant travel sucked the energy out of 6 year old Manaka, she definitely loved seeing all the types of shorelines her parents exposed to her throughout their travels. However, the family had to settle back down in Japan as Miori became pregnant with another daughter, but got a surprise when they also got a boy along with the expected daughter. As a usual older child, Manaka did not take well to Manami and Manabu at first, but then warmed up to them. For the time being until Manami and Manabu were able to get used to traveling around, the Amakas decided to stay where they were at the time. Shun, Manaka's 19 year old tutor, was allowed to live with them as well to help Miori and Mizuto to keep Manaka in check while they focused on the twins.

Everything was going all good and well for the young family of 6 until a frightening discovery was made. The summer Manaka was 10, Miori found a startling discovery on her oldest daughter. She noticed that Manaka's spine had strangely curved, and after a rush to the hospital, Manaka had been diagnosed with Scoliosis. Soon afterwards, Manaka was placed under supervision to see if the curve would worsen. Once it eventually did, Manaka received surgery for it. Terrified that her back would somehow destroy her changes of swimming again, the family was highly comforted and relieved when told Manaka would be able to swim once again.

    After everything with this ordeal finished, it didn't ruin Manaka's spirits one bit! Since she was cleared to go back to her active lifestyle, the family quintet continued to travel around until they finally returned back to their old roots of the small fishing village. She continued on the rest of elementary and the first 2 years of secondary school, going into the closest urban city to go to school. Throughout these years, Manaka felt rather displaced. Everyone had known each other since preschool, and although Manaka had been put up on a high pedestal due to being the cool and pretty new student, she didn't really find people at her school that seemed to share her interests as they would either be considered a joke by her or weird- a fish girl?  After figuring the equation out, Manaka made a facade in order to interact better with her classmates. Another big reason she didn't really like attending that certain school was due to people being rather high strung compared to Manaka's soaring and free spirit and demeanor. Thankfully, those years went by rather fast. Then came the next big issue- where was Manaka going to go to high school?

    Miori and Mizuto had differing ideas for Manaka's high school education. Miori wanted Manaka to attend the school that was in the city, however Mizuto shot down the idea as he had found out that the school didn't have the high standard and reputation that he wanted for his daughter, plus due to Manaka not liking the atmosphere of the school system. Throughout her final year of middle school, Manaka spent trying to find a way to please both her parents and herself. That's when she found out about Tachikawa.

    Since Manaka didn't grow up with anyone that was around her age (the twins were too young and Shun was too old), the next thing closest was her paternal cousin Maika. Throughout their message exchanges, Maika offered a suggestion to Manaka- why not move in with her for their high school careers? Nearby Maika's home was the prestigious and high class Tachikawa High. That's when she knew she struck gold.

    After Miori and Mizuto did research and complied to Manaka's begging and pleads, they finally allowed her to move in with Maika and Aunt Miuna in the summer of 2019. And thankfully, since Miori and Mizuto's jobs were high paying as well, Manaka wouldn't have to worry about trying to find a way to get a scholarship there somehow. While Manaka was slightly upset that she'd be separated from her beloved ocean for the next 3 years, she had high hopes for herself at Tachikawa High. 

Additional Information
Enjoys sharing random marine biology facts
Plans on become a marine biologist like her mom, or to become a pro swimmer
Has been to 3 countries- Japan, Mexico and France
Hates planes with a passion
Is a single pringle and ready to mingle //slapped
❈Had (and still sorta has) a crush on her private tutor e u e (she still loves shun on a brotherly level) 
❈Has a pet blue tang named Nobu (5000 goldfish crackers for whoever gets this weeps)
❈Was originally supposed to be named Manami like her sister, but her dad insisted on Manaka since it was a more new name at the time
❈6 year difference between her younger sister Manami and brother Manabu who are 9 years old as of now
Knows how to play the harp but it makes her fingers achey so she doesn't really like it as much anymore
Technically has to wear glasses but she claims they're hard work
❈Really skilled guitar player
❈Doesn't like close toed shoes lmao//

Amaka Mizuto (雨歌 ) - father, 35
❄Amaka Miori (雨歌 美織) - mother, 36
❄Amaka Manabu (雨歌 学) - younger brother, 9
❄Amaka Manami (雨歌 愛海) - younger sister, 9
❄Amaka Miuna (雨歌 美海) - paternal aunt, 33
❄Amaka Maika (雨歌 花) - paternal cousin, 15
❄Minagawa Shun (皆川 瞬) - adoptive older brother figure, 28

School Relationships
Amaka Maika (NPC as of now) - Manaka's cousin from her dad's size. They currently live together nearby Tachikawa so Manaka can attend the school. Manaka and Maika are practically inseparable and are great friends. However they still have childish tendencies towards each other. Manaka is the calmer half of the whole, feeling a bit lost without her cousin's guidance. 
Not made yet!

"Ah... I really do miss the roll of the waves..."

Normal Voice, Playing/Baby Voice, Singing Voice 
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